Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The website (here in after the “website”) respects every user’s right to privacy on the Internet.

To use the software product offered on the Website (hereinafter – “Product”), Users must go through the registration procedure and provide the Website with personal information (hereinafter – “Data”). Registration is required to access website features and fully utilize the product. This privacy policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) has been prepared to explain in which cases and for what purpose the website uses data. Please read the policy carefully and give your consent or ask questions if they arise.

This policy regulates the relationship between the website and any natural or legal person (hereinafter – the user) and provides information about the processing of data, including the possibilities of its collection, storage, use and security. The policy applies to all data that the site can receive from the user while working with the product.

We emphasize that the use of the product means the user’s full agreement with all provisions of the policy and the data processing conditions specified therein. In case of disagreement with the unconditional acceptance of all terms of the Policy, the user is deprived of the right to use the product and will have to delete his own registration profile from the site (or contact the site representative with a request for this).

1. Data collection and processing

For the purposes of this Policy, “data” means:

1.1. Information (including personal data) that the site user provides independently during registration, authorization, as well as when using the product (including filling out patient cards, contacting the support service, etc.). The user provides information by filling out the appropriate forms. The user has the right to independently decide what data and in what amount he should enter in the optional fields.

1.2. Information that the website automatically receives during the user’s work with the product, including from cookies (this means automatically checking information about the user’s operating system and browser and obtaining other information).

1.3. User data is the information that he entered into the site product. Including the personal data of the user’s patients.

1.4. Other user information obtained by the website in accordance with the purpose set forth in section 2 of this Privacy Policy.

2. The purpose of working with user data

The website collects, processes and stores the information specified in Section 1 of these General Terms and Conditions for the sole purpose of:

2.1. User identification to provide access to the product.

2.2. Keeping records of visits and registration of actions (use of cookies).

2.3. Interaction with the user within the defined functions of the product.

2.4. Conducting analytics using anonymous user information.

3. Terms of interaction with data

3.1. The site stores, changes and deletes the data of each user in accordance with the principles of product use, as well as within the framework of current legislation.

3.2. Cases when the site has the right to provide data to third parties:

3.2.1. User’s prior consent to such actions.

3.2.2. Protection of the legitimate interests of the site or third parties in case of violation of the law by the user.

3.2.3. Fulfilling the legal requirements of the authorized person and in other cases provided for by the legislation of Ukraine.

3.3. The site works with product user data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine No. 2297 “On Personal Data”.

4. Responsibility

4.1. The website does not organize the provision of data during the use of the product and cannot control its validity and relevance. However, the site has the right not to initiate mandatory verification of user data.

4.2. By providing the data of third parties (including patients) on the website, the user guarantees that he has obtained the consents and authorizations necessary for his own actions from said persons, and also confirms his agreement with all clauses of this policy.

4.3. The site is not responsible for the accuracy of third-party data entered by the user.

4.4. The Website cannot guarantee the confidentiality of user data (as well as third-party information entered by the user) if the user has voluntarily shared this information or made it publicly available.

5. Confidentiality

The website takes or manages the necessary organizational, legal and technical measures to protect data from illegal actions. In particular:

applies encryption;
checks access to the account;
works on improving methods of working with information.
6. Editorial changes

This Policy may be changed unilaterally from the Website by posting its new version and on the Internet at the same address. The current version of the data protection rules applies.